About myself

Even as a child I felt those exceptional strong presentiment feelings of something is going to happen, a in turn these did realise, so that gave proof of my early talent. All through my earthly life I was a seeker of newness. I was an active woman, but a sure point in my life that I could rely on prophecy ability, to show peoples their past, their present-day life and their future. With my talent, I have travelled almost through out the world. In the start I had a lot of hardships due to language difficulties, but after I had learnt French and later English, these barriers disappeared one after another.

France was my first threshold, which made it possible for me to achieve my long standing dream that is to deal and help people. Personnel connections were always very important for me.

My next stop abroad was Canada, where for four years I could help those people who turned to me.

Later I went to the United States where I lived and did fortune-telling in New York for fifteen years. Numerous people turned to me with all kinds of different problems, and due to my born talent, I could help every single person.

I did not learn this talent in school, I did not have to take study on different courses, all this talent I received these as a gift from my grandmother and great grandmother. My family was not surprised that I had the talent to prophesy the future and that my prophesy is as great as my ancestors was, and sometimes even greater.
During my course of life, I met and prophesized to a lot of people who belonged to the “doubters” camp and claimed it was nothing but “hocus-pocus”, but when they discovered my true talent, they became my constant customers, of which I am very proud.

In my spiritual and esoteric work I use Gypsy and Tarot cards, on the other hand through their eye mirror, I am able to do complex psychoanalysis and encourage the transfer of energy between us. I am able to unfold their troubles of those, who turn to me as I am capable of getting down to the roots of their problems and I can prophesize from those about their future.

It happened in Canada in 1989 that I had a very bad intuition, so I for the first time I laid out cards for myself to ease my own premonition. I never ever did that before, but my suspicion came true as at that time I lost my 15 year old daughter. What a tragedy. Since then my family are afraid of my sixth sense. A new tragedy happened in 2005, but I do not wish to elaborate about that. That convulsion of my soul brought me back to my Canada, where at present I am actively dealing with prophesy of the future.

Don’t be afraid to look truth into its eye, as there is a solution!

This world travelled foreteller awaits all those who are interested.

Mme Gizella